IRS Penalty Abatement: Rev Proc 84-35

When it comes to any partnership that you may be a part of, it can be easy to forget about the tax responsibilities that your organization is responsible for. Throw into the mix all of the legalities of partnership taxes, and you could be looking at a situation that it a lot more difficult and time consuming than you had originally thought. Luckily for you, the IRS understands that sometimes mistakes are made and taxes are filed late, which is why the Rev Proc 84-35 exists. […]

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WOTC: What You Need to Know

Taxes can be a difficult task to master, but with the right knowledge and follow through, they can be incredibly beneficial to your company. Not only are the proper tax procedures a legal matter, they are also vital in getting the most out of your business. One example of a tax credit that plays a beneficiary role in many businesses is the WOTC. The WOTC (Work Opportunity Tax Credit) can help you make the most of your finances easily and effectively. […]

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Let Evolve Financial Services Help Your Business Reach Its Maximum Potential

“My business philosophy is don’t wait for things to go bad before you make them better. You have to stay ahead of the curve, which plays into the idea of controlled risk. Always look for ways to improve. I like environments that are constantly changing because it keeps you sharp. It’s the same thing with skiing or biking. The environment is always changing and you have to be constantly vigilant and make adjustments to compensate for those changes.”  This quote by Todd Shapiro, Illinois CPA Society president, does a great job of summing up the philosophy with which Evolve Financial Services approaches our clients and their businesses. […]

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Flexible Work Benefits Help Attract and Retain Talented Employees

Attracting and retaining skilled and talented employees is crucial to the success of your business. While salary is a key consideration for most potential employees, some are willing to take less in salary in exchange for other workplace benefits. Offering these perks can also give you a competitive advantage in attracting the right employees. Providing the right benefits to employees can also improve employee retention and increase employee loyalty. Some perks can even help reduce operating costs. […]

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There is Still Time to Make Tax-Deductible Contributions to Your IRA

Investing money into a retirement account is not only a great way to save for retirement, but some qualified retirement plans also allow you to deduct your contributions from your taxes in the year you made the contributions. The April 15th tax filing deadline is right around the corner. While time is already out to contribute to your employer-sponsored 401(k), there is still time to minimize your tax bill by contributing to other retirement accounts. […]

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Does Your Company or Not-for-Profit Organization Qualify for Illinois Small Business Job Creation Program Tax Credits?

If you’re a small, growing business or not-for profit organization in Illinois, you could be benefitting from the Illinois Small Business Job Creation Tax Credit, which gives job tax credits to small businesses and not-for-profits that create new jobs in Illinois. The program, which began July 1, 2012, was created to help combat high rates of unemployment in Illinois by giving an incentive to fill new positions now rather than later. […]

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If You Follow the IRS Rules, Your Business Party or Event Can Be Tax Deductible

Business events and parties are a great way to celebrate and have fun, but they’re also great opportunities to market and promote your company or products, as well as build relationships and network with clients and associates to build your business. But business parties are not your ordinary business expense where the IRS is concerned. Uncle Sam is very strict with tax write-offs and has special rules when it comes to writing off entertainment expenses. Reporting them incorrectly can get your company into trouble with the IRS. […]

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Evolution and Change Are Critical to the Longevity and Success of Your Business

The start of a new year is typically a time when people examine their lives and make resolutions for things they want to change or improve. This exercise is just as important, if not more so, for your business as it is for your personal life. Change is important for any organization to maintain its competitive edge. The business environment is constantly changing, so you need to be proactive in evolving your business to keep up with the trends. Many fear change, but embracing change can lead to new and exciting opportunities to improve your products, your processes, and your customer service. Taking a fresh look at your business and questioning why you do things the way you do can help you identify opportunities for growth and improvement. […]

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Supreme Court Declines to Hear New York Online Sales Tax Case

Online retailers suffered a setback in their battle over the collection of sales taxes recently when the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a New York law from and  The Court announced its decision to reject the appeal on Dec. 2, 2013, which ironically fell on Cyber Monday. The court’s refusal to hear the case gives states the authority to require online retailers to collect sales taxes. […]

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Find the Right Accounting Firm for Your Mid-Size Business

Proper handling of finances is important in any company, but for mid-size businesses it is especially critical to the longevity of the business. Bookkeeping and staying on top of financial issues can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Audit requirements and tax laws are intricate, confusing, and tend to change frequently. Making even a small mistake in submitting your audited financial statements or filing your taxes can result in big penalties that could devastate a mid-size business. Hiring an accounting firm can help you avoid costly mistakes and improve the financial function of your business. […]

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