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Supreme Court Declines to Hear New York Online Sales Tax Case

Online retailers suffered a setback in their battle over the collection of sales taxes recently when the Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a New York law from and  The Court announced its decision to reject the appeal on Dec. 2, 2013, which ironically fell on Cyber Monday. The court’s refusal to hear the case gives states the authority to require online retailers to collect sales taxes. […]

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Find the Right Accounting Firm for Your Mid-Size Business

Proper handling of finances is important in any company, but for mid-size businesses it is especially critical to the longevity of the business. Bookkeeping and staying on top of financial issues can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Audit requirements and tax laws are intricate, confusing, and tend to change frequently. Making even a small mistake in submitting your audited financial statements or filing your taxes can result in big penalties that could devastate a mid-size business. Hiring an accounting firm can help you avoid costly mistakes and improve the financial function of your business. […]

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