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Protect Your Small Business from Employee Fraud

During poor economic times, many businesses see an increase in fraud. Businesses tend to see a rise in employee fraud, also known as embezzlement, in particular as employees struggle with personal finances. Small companies are especially vulnerable to employee fraud due to the fact that they tend to have fewer formal financial controls in place to prevent it. A 2010 survey by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that 31 percent of employee fraud occurs in companies with less than 100 employees, compared to 21 percent in companies with more than 10,000 employees. The losses due to employee fraud were also greater in smaller companies, reporting losses of nearly $150,000 versus losses of about $84,000 in larger companies. […]

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Cloud-Based Financial Software Provides Real-Time Data Access and Improved Efficiency

As more companies are looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency, many are moving to cloud-based software for a variety of purposes. However, companies have been slower to adopt cloud-based financial, primarily due to concerns about security and compliance. Companies that have made the move to the cloud are finding those fears to be unfounded. […]

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